In the sun-drenched corners of the Mediterranean, each stitch at The Secret Rose whispers a story. Here, your memories and dreams intertwine with linen and cotton, creating heirlooms that speak to the heart. Welcome to a world where artistry and emotion blend seamlessly, one delicate thread at a time.


Step into the world where your stories come to life. Sarah's atelier is a sanctuary of creativity, where Mediterranean light dances on colorful threads and ancient techniques meet modern visions. Here, every project begins with a conversation and ends as a masterpiece.


Inspired by the rhythms of Mediterranean life, the Paradiso Collection brings a touch of sun-soaked elegance to your home. Each piece in this ready-to-purchase collection carries the warmth of coastal mornings and the serenity of twilight gardens.


At The Secret Rose, embroidery is more than a craft—it's a journey we take together. From the first consultation to the final stitch, your story guides our hands. We transform your most cherished memories and deepest emotions into tangible works of art, creating pieces that will be treasured for generations.