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The Secret Rose



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“What we love intensely or for a long time we are likely to bring within the citadel, and to assert as part of oneself.” - Nicolas Chamfort

With its imposing military architecture, Cittadella's medieval walls emerge from the horizon, sentinels guarding the treasures within. Through cobbled alleys, whispers of history abide, emanating from each storied stone. Today, only a couple of families live within the Citadel walls, yet all can find sanctuary within its ramparts. It stands immutable yet inviting, its rich architectural tapestry testifying to Gozo’s resilient spirit.


Rather than its impressive ramparts, our Cittadella earrings feature the quiet side of the medieval marvel – a cobbled alley with many a story to tell, illuminated by a historic street lamp.


  • One-of-a kind: Locally designed and individually made entirely by hand, combining the skills of an artisan jeweller and embroidery artist.
  • Base material: Brass coated with protective enamel; Silver studs.
  • Embroidery: Stranded cotton on linen.
  • Dimensions: 6cm X 3cm
  • Nickel free, anti-allergic.


      Each earring design is handcrafted – no machines here – and limited to a very small run, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

      Once ordered, I’ll work on making and shipping your earrings right away, but please allow up to 7 to 10 working days to receive them. If you’re in a rush, please get in touch using the contact form, and I’ll do my best to help.

      When they’re dispatched, you’ll get an email to let you know they’re on their way!


      Avoid contact with water and chemicals (hairspray, perfume, sunscreen etc), which can cause brass jewellery to oxidize and damage to the embroidery. Brass likes your body’s natural oils, and wearing and touching your earrings will help prevent tarnish, so don’t just keep them for special occasions – wear and enjoy them as much as you can!

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